John Golding
Patent and Trademark Attorney

Meet John Golding
Senior Associate, Patent & Trademark Attorney

IP is crucial to commercial success, especially in tech based companies, but in the day-to-day running of a business it can tend to drop off the radar, especially for smaller operations. That’s why I take a hands-on approach, maximising our exposure to our clients so they get the full benefit of the advice and support they are paying for.

John Golding, Patent and Trademark Attorney, biotech, pharma and chemistry specialist

Joining our practice in 2016, John Golding is a perfect fit for the Baxter IP team, with both the deep technical knowledge and the exceptional track record in successful IP protection that is the hallmark of all our Patent and Trademark Attorneys.

John specialises in the diverse technical fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medicinal chemistry, animal health, coatings chemistry and food technologies. As well as a Doctorate from the University of Sydney he has almost two decades’ front line experience in medical research, including commercial biotechnology.

But John has much more to offer than just his outstanding technical capabilities. For the past 17 years he’s done the hard yards in terms of IP protection and commercialisation, helping innovators protect and profit from their work. In addition, his 7 years in the University of Sydney’s technology transfer office has provided him with a deep understanding of the needs of academic researchers, as well as start-ups and emerging businesses and very detailed knowledge of the IP process, from drafting of applications through to successful prosecution and licencing.

John is valued by his clients for his practical, down-to-earth approach and his ability to listen and give considered, constructive feedback. Progressive and open-minded, he’s always keen to contribute to discussions, explore options and develop innovative solutions.

Above all, John enjoys helping clients incorporate IP as an integral part of their business plan. He thinks of himself as a mentor / advisor – especially when working with the new inventors or smaller business clients who rely so heavily on his practical knowledge and experience.

John is passionate about encouraging innovation and believes that solid investment in research is crucial to the success of any society. A keen networker and dedicated team player, he is looking forward to developing and expanding Baxter IP’s biotech practice and helping inventors across Australia achieve solid IP protection and commercial success.

With his four sons now grown up, John has time outside of work to devote to his other great passions – music and cooking. So if you want an outstanding and committed biotech Patent or Trademark Attorney, who can cook like a master chef and sing to the standard of the Sydney Philharmonia Festival chorus, look no further than our own John Golding.

Need to protect your valuable product or life sciences technology?

Patent attorney snapshot

  • Registered Australian Patent and Trade Mark’s Attorney, registered New Zealand Patent Attorney
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons in Microbiology, University of NSW), PhD in biochemistry (University of Sydney), Masters in Industrial Property.
  • 17 years experience in IP management, including 7 years working at a Go8 University in the technology transfer office as licensing manager and 10 years as a patent and trade mark’s attorney.
  • 20 years biomedical research experience including working at: CSIRO, University of Sydney and major teaching hospitals, as well as working in the Australian biotechnology sector. Specialised as a protein chemist, primarily working in immunology research.
  • Member IPTA, IPSANZ, AIFST (Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology)

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